The Complete Guide to Dick’s Sporting Goods Hours

Dick's Sporting Goods Hours

Dick’s Outdoor supplies is a well known chain of outdoor supplies stores that offers a great many items for sports lovers. Understanding the Dick’s Sporting Goods Hours of these stores is urgent for clients who need to actually design their visits. This extensive aide gives all the data you really want to be aware of Dick’s Outdoor supplies hours, including insights concerning normal hours, occasion hours, and how to track down unambiguous store hours.

Regular Store Hours

Store Opening and Closing Times

Dick’s Outdoor supplies commonly works during standard business hours consistently. The store’s customary working hours are as per the following:

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday9:00 AM9:30 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM9:30 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM9:30 PM
Thursday9:00 AM9:30 PM
Friday9:00 AM10:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM10:00 PM
Sunday9:00 AM8:00 PM

These times might shift marginally relying upon the area, so it’s in every case best to check with your neighborhood store for careful hours. A few stores could likewise have broadened hours during top seasons or unique occasions.

About Regular Dick’s Sporting Goods Hours

Dick’s Outdoor supplies’ customary hours permit clients to visit the store advantageously during the week and end of the week, giving more than adequate chance to shopping and help from staff individuals.

The store’s initial opening time guarantees that clients can look for their outdoor supplies needs prior to beginning their business day, while the moderately late shutting time as a general rule obliges the people who like to visit in the nights.

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Holiday Hours

Store Closures and Special Openings

During occasions, Dick’s Outdoor supplies might have changed hours or be shut altogether to notice the event. Clients ought to know about these progressions while arranging their visits around occasions.

Commonly Observed Holidays

The store as a rule notices the accompanying occasions, which might bring about changed working hours or terminations:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

It’s essential to take note of that local varieties could apply, so checking with the particular store is prudent.

Finding Store Hours

Online Store Locator

To find the hours of a particular Dick’s Outdoor supplies store, clients can utilize the internet based store finder accessible on the organization’s true site. By entering their area or Postal division, clients can get to itemized data about their closest store, including its standard hours, unique occasion hours, and contact subtleties.

Benefits of Using the Store Locator

Utilizing the web-based store finder offers a few benefits, for example,

  • Comfort: Clients can rapidly and effectively track down the most cutting-edge store hours without calling or visit the store face to face.
  • Arranging: It empowers clients to design their visits really, guaranteeing they show up at the store when it’s open.
  • Extra Data: notwithstanding hours, the store finder gives telephone numbers, locations, and headings to the picked store area.

Customer Support Hours

Contacting Customer Service

Notwithstanding store hours, clients might have to contact Dick’s Outdoor supplies’ client care because of multiple factors. The client care group is accessible during explicit hours to help with requests and offer help.

How to Reach Customer Service

Clients can contact Dick’s Outdoor supplies’ client assistance through the accompanying channels:

  • Telephone: The client assistance telephone line is accessible Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET, and on ends of the week from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM ET.
  • Live Talk: The live visit highlight on the site is open during that very hours as the telephone support.

For any dire issues or prompt help, clients are urged to connect during the predefined hours.

Curbside Pickup Hours

Convenience of Curbside Service

Dick’s Outdoor supplies offers curbside pickup as a helpful choice for clients who like to gather their web-based orders without entering the store. Like store hours, understanding the curbside pickup hours is fundamental for arranging a consistent pickup experience.

Curbside Pickup Schedule

Curbside pickup hours at Dick’s Outdoor supplies are lined up with the store’s standard working hours. Clients can plan their curbside pickups during the next hours:

  • Monday to Saturday: 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

This helpful assistance permits clients to recover their orders at their favored time inside the store’s working hours, upgrading adaptability and accommodation.


What are the busiest and quietest times to visit Dick’s Sporting Goods?

Busiest Times:

The store will in general be most active during ends of the week, particularly in the evenings. Also, just before major games or during special deals, higher pedestrian activity is normal.

Quietest Times:

Work day mornings are for the most part the calmest times to visit Dick’s Outdoor supplies. Visiting promptly in the day on a work day can give a more loose and less jam-packed shopping experience.

Can I place an order for curbside pickup after regular store hours?

Indeed, clients can put orders for curbside pickup even after standard store hours. Be that as it may, the actual pickup should be planned during the store’s functional hours.

Is Dick’s Sporting Goods open on Labor Day?

Indeed, Dick’s Outdoor supplies is commonly open on Work Day, yet with changed hours. It’s prescribed to check with the particular store for the specific working hours on this occasion.

Does the store offer extended hours during the holiday season?

Indeed, many Dick’s Outdoor supplies areas broaden their working hours during the Christmas season to oblige expanded client traffic and Christmas shopping.

Are there any 24-hour Dick’s Sporting Goods locations?

At present, there are no Dick’s Outdoor supplies areas that work every minute of every day. Clients ought to allude to the store finder or contact their nearby store for explicit hours.


Understanding Dick’s Outdoor supplies hours is fundamental for anybody hoping to make an excursion to one of their stores. Whether it’s for customary shopping, getting a web-based request, or reaching client support, realizing the store’s hours guarantees a smooth and bother free insight. By diving more deeply into the standard hours, occasion hours, and extra administrations like curbside pickup, you can design your visits really and take advantage of what Dick’s Outdoor supplies brings to the table. Continuously make sure to check for any confined varieties in hours, particularly around occasions, and use the web-based store finder for exact and modern data.

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